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How much energy, water and land do we need to support our modern lifestyles? What is our Ecological footprint? And is it Sustainable?
Australia has the 5th highest ecological footprint in the world, which is a footprint around three times the global average.
Current estimates show if the world's population used resources at the same rate as Australians, we'd need the equivalent of 3 to 4 planets of resources each year.

Our Sustainable Footprint projects

Everyone has their role to play in reducing our ecological footprint. Your Council is currently working on reducing the community-wide Ecological Footprint of residents living in our suburbs.

Demonstration Eco House

The establishment of Eco House as a public demonstration house provides the opportunity to see working examples of practical sustainability measures. more »

Home Composting Trial

We are looking for 300 households who would like to try composting and learn about food waste reduction. more »

Home Energy Assessments

Free Home Energy Assessments are now available for residents living in your suburb. more »