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Energy efficiency and generation

By taking actions to capture and use energy more efficiently in your home or business, you will be reducing your load on the environment and increasing your energy autonomy, while generating ongoing financial savings.

The following actions are ordered by their impact in shifting you to local installation of renewable generation and using your energy more efficiently:

  1. Generate your own electricity
  2. Buy an energy efficient car
  3. Install solar hot water
  4. Embrace energy efficiency
  5. Make your renovations green
  6. Install efficient appliances and fixtures
  7. Cultivate energy saving habits
  8. Insulate shade and weatherproof your house
  9. Power down (work)
  10. Explore your energy generation options (SME)
  11. Upgrade to energy efficient lighting (SME)
  12. Configure your lighting for efficiency (SME)
  13. Implement efficient air conditioning (SME)
  14. Switch off unused appliances (SME)
  15. Maintain, downside and turn off your fridge (SME) 

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