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Climate Change - how you can fight it!

Climate Change - how you can fight it!
Let's explore those actions we can take now, that will have a pronounced affect on reducing or limiting our contribution to the onset of global warming and climate change.

Take action to help fight Climate Change!

The following 20 actions will enable you and your household to reduce or avoid green house gas emissions, or to storing carbon and offsetting your emissions.

These actions are those that have the largest immediate impact (in order), for an average Australian household, on reducing one’s contribution to global warming and climate change.

  1. Adopt a vegetarian diet
  2. Eat less meat
  3. Generate your own electricity
  4. Buy renewable electricity
  5. Cultivate waste reduction habits
  6. Ride a bike
  7. Buy an energy efficient car
  8. Car pool/Use public transport
  9. Reduce and offset car emissions
  10. Buy second hand products
  11. Install solar hot water
  12. Embrace energy efficiency
  13. Join an (urban) revegetation group
  14. Make your renovations green
  15. Reduce dairy in your diet
  16. Install efficient appliances and fixtures
  17. Cultivate energy saving habits
  18. Insulate shade and weatherproof your house
  19. Avoid bottled water
  20. Buy local and seasonal food

Note: Some actions are made redundant by others on the list.

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